We can provide a patient centric website from start to launch in 2 weeks.

We are a technology company that focuses on patient centric solutions. We are not a marketing company or design firm, instead focusing on implementing the best technologies for busy practices. That is why we have chosen Squarespace as the platform to help physician practices with their needs no matter how small or large.

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How We Do It

The Website building Process

You are busy and your practice is busy, you can't wait 3 months for a website. With patients shifting to online research of doctors and their practices your website is your entry point to the services you can provide. Our process respects your time and need for a quality website with an accelerated go live. That is why we focus on one customer every 2 weeks. We do not take on multiple projects at the same time. We will dedicate our time during the project to your website and your website only.

Phase 1

Once you have completed the form on our home page we will respond with a time and date for a 30 minute conversation for you to screen our methodology and for us to learn more about your needs. Once an agreement is signed you will enter the next phase.

Phase 2

At the time of agreement we will book your project 2-4 weeks out to allow you time to gather the necessary information to build your website. You will need to provide all website page titles, structure and associated text for content by the project start date. We will also need high resolution photos and graphics such as logos at the start of the project. Due to our shorten 2 week implementation cycle it is important that the material for the website is ready when we start the project.

Phase 3

The next phase will consist of us building your site based on the information provided to us. With 5-6 days we will provide a link that will allow you the ability to review the draft of your website. At this time you will provide important feedback about edits to the draft and we will take the input and make adjustments to the website. Once edits have been incorporated, your site will be finalized by the end of the 2 week process. Once the 2 week timeline is complete all edits will be locked in and the site will be published and live. 

Our Experience


The following is a list of projects we worked on using Squarespace, developed from scratch or from a pre-existing reference site.